Love Poems

Short Love Poems

Share your love and feelings with your lover with Love notes or short love poems. Send or sing something romantic and lovable for your love to create a lovely atmosphere. Jean-Jacques Rousseau says : To write a good love letter, you have to start without knowing what you're saying and terminate, without knowing what you have said. ************************************** When I’ll be alone, comes to me to fill emptiness. When I’ll be pained, comes to me in pleased. When I’ll be going in wrong direction, comes to me with correct path. When I’ll be missing you lot, comes to me in sweet memories. When I’ll be searching you in sky, comes to me within the colors of rainbow. When I’ll be looking you in stars, comes to me in calm moonlight. When I’ll be angry with you, comes to me with right comments about issue. When I’ll be in need a hug in grief, comes to me in air with love senses. When I’ll be eager to see you, comes to me in my eyes from heart. When I’ll be hurting you, comes to me in opinion of forgiveness. When I’ll be in need of you, comes to me in promise to care all time. When I’ll be in trouble, comes to me with most dominant solutions. When I’ll be glad, comes to me to make it double. When I’ll, When I’ll…………..Whenever You will.

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