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LOVE MARRIAGEMarriage is a formal union of a man and woman in which our society or law recognized the man and woman as husband and wife. Marriage is a beautiful love relationship that connects two different souls so the more often we saying, “Marriage is the joining of souls”. It is a very sacred and true relationship. Marriage makes many new relations between the married couple families and creates new love relationship. For parents, marriage of their children is a great occasion and the marriage time is the greatest celebration time for both, parents and the couple. To know more about marriage click here.

It is necessary to choose a right life partner to get married. In our society, there are mainly two types of marriages, love marriage arranged marriage. Our youth generation prefer love marriages and in their point of view love marriages are more successful. I also agree with this idea or view because in love marriage we have a time to know about our love partner. In love marriage, both the girlfriend and boyfriend spend some time with each other to know about the thinking and behavior of each other. If your habits, behaviour and thinking resemble with each other then you can go for long term love relation i.e. Marriage. If there is true love between two person and they want to get married with each other, then for those couple love marriage is a right choice. In arranged marriage, we have not enough time to know about each other and only in 1 or 2 meeting it is not possible to know about someone a lot. In arranged marriages, “Love before marriage” this situation comes. Such type of relationship becomes a burden of us if after marriage our understanding is not fit with our married partner. Then whole life we have to spend with burden, bitterness and without love. All the time arranged marriages are not unsuccessful but sometime it turn a lot in our life. Our parents are always thinks for our better. They also know the importance of this marriage relation so they arrange our marriage for our sake. For parents, we always remain child therefore they think that they will find a good life partner for us. In today age mostly the parents and families are well educated so they can easily understand our thinking and we can discuss love marriage wedding with them. So if you think about love marriage then you have to discuss with your family. There is no need to get sacrifice in such a condition. Our parents also understand the whole situations and without hesitation we talked so that they can helps us in taking such type of important decision.

Love marriage is always a better choice if you are in a love relationship with anyone before marriage.

Love marriage Arranged marriage

 “Marriage for love is better than loves for marriage” -Love marriage quotes “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Love marriageAlbert Einstein quote on marriage -Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.

Here I am discussing some point why love marriages are better than arranged marriage.

*In Love marriage, you have sufficient time to understand each other. You can arrange love date and share all your views and plans for future. You can discuss all about your upcoming life and your goals of life.

*After wedding, the married couple have to spend the whole life with each other. So it is important that before marriage they know everything about each other.

*Love before marriage is a platform that provides you a strong base for happy married life. Love before marriage decides that how much belief in your relationship. In love, you have to believe on each other and it is our duty that there is not any secret between us.

*In Love marriage, before marriage we know all about the families of each other. Also discuss if there is any type family problem. We can help each other in all type of problems and situations. If we will walk together in every critical situation then everyone favour for us.

*In Love marriage, we are familiar with one other habits and like, dislike that deepest our love relationship. So the understanding is the main between two people to combine in marriage relation.

*A true love partner helps us at every point and tells us about our bad habits. If we are going in a wrong way then he/she suggest us a right path. Our true love improves our lifestyle and learnt a lot of things. Love before marriage also gets familiar us with the responsibility that we have to do towards our loved one.

*In arranged marriage there is a trend of matching Kundali of boy girl mainly in Hindu tradition. It is not necessary that if both of your Kundali matches with each other then you will spend a happy married life. These are old tradition and we have not to give too much preference to these. According to survey, there are 42% people are Manglik, but they are get married and live a happy life. Sometime arranges marriages are broken due to non-understanding between their thoughts. So love marriage is preferred mostly.

 *Arranged marriages are mainly occurs between related cast and category but in love marriage, there is a option of inter-cast love marriage.

Love marriage

These are some strong point that tells that in what way Love marriage is preferred.

Love marriageSometime arranged marriages are also successful but in that case one from the couple have to do sacrifice on many things. Life is not running smoothly on sacrifice, there are only a few critical situations when we have to sacrifice for marriage relation. In love relationship, sacrifice for love is more common but for marriage matter is has a very less space. Every man and woman thinks that her /his life partners loves him a lot and live the life with happiness. So we have to choose a right life partner to get married that walk together with you in every moment of life.

In India, the marriage ceremony are occurs in a traditional way. There are mainly four categories: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian. All four categories celebrate this event according to their tradition.

Hinduism allows you only one marriage. The Hindu marriage occurs under the Mantra of our religious Veda in the presence of priest and other relatives. During marriage, both man and woman have to be some promise towards one-another around the pure flame of marriage. We have to make promises that we will care for each other in every moment of life in any condition. In Hinduism, Marriage is a very sacred event that combines to souls. Mostly Hindu marriage are occurs in their home but sometime temple are also used for marriages. In Muslim marriage, you have to ask that you are agree or not for marriage. This whole religious event occurs according to their pure Kuran thesis. Our Sikh community also follow the rule of their religious book “Guru Granth Sahib”. In the presence of some sacred people in Gurudwara(Worship place of Sikh), the married couple have to take some promises around this religious book. Christian marriage ceremony is occurs in church under the presence of relative. The priest of Church speeches the words of pure Bible on this sacred occasion. After every marriage ceremony, there is a big celebration party from the both sides of family. If you have any idea or suggestion about love marriage then you can share with me.

Love marriage

Also let me know that you prefer what love marriage arranged marriage?

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