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Lovely SMS For Girlfriend

Love definition
In first i want to share my view on Love.Love is a strong feeling and emotion of affection. Love is easy to say but these 4 words have a great significance. For everyone love has a different meaning. No one in the world can define the exact meaning of Love because for a mother has a different meaning of love towards his children and her husband. At this modern age, there is only talking about love between a boy and girls or teenagers love. In this young age love the person who is in love, is always ready to do all unbelievable things. The love of parents towards their children is the best love of the world that tells us that what the exact or true love meaning is. In simple love means to care for other one.  If you are always take care for your beloved in every condition then this thing shows that how deep the love. In life there are many situations comes when you have to make some painful sacrifice for your love. Everyone thinks that there is someone special “beloved” in this world that cares for his/her from own self. In love, you can test your love in critical conditions that he/she is able to go with you. If someone sharing only your happy moment of life and have not time to come with you in trouble then it is not true Love. In true love you have to give time her beloved one and always keep in mind that money is not coming within you. About love a famous saying is, “If you love someone from heart then all nature helps you to come close him/her”. As much as time you will spend with your love, you will know about his/her behaviour and how much he/she loves you so love dating is useful and helpful for true relations. To know how capture lover heart and love forever Click Here!
In love sometime, your beloved bad habits are also liked by you with his/her good ones. For a long and true love relationship always believe on each other and also don’t make a lie in any condition. Sometime we think that truth is painful for our loved one but we don’t think that we have to tell several lies to hide one painful truth. If your love is true then he/she will understand the conditions and situation that you have faced alone. We know that only human make mistake not GOD. Always be loyal towards your beloved if you have any problem then discuss with your partner so that he/she can helps you to come out from that. Everyone feels and knows about LOVE but no one define what it is in exact. Everyone has a different love definition and all are right. According to some love definitions that love is an attachment towards your beloved. No one knows that from where it starts and what its end is. Love is everywhere, so it starts from any place, time and age. Love has not any boundaries and no one has a ownership on love.

lovely sms for girlfriend

My this blog is a collection of all types of love messages and quotes.There are different pages added in this blog with the pages like lovely Hindi sms, Punjabi sms, valentine special  and others. Valentine special page helps you to know about the history of Valentine day and Valentines gift ideas. Here I am sharing some beautiful lovely sms, quotes and saying.Every page showing different information relevant to page name.These lovely sms are containing emotions and feeling. Lovely sms and letters are the best way to express your feeling to your love partner. It is more difficult to express your feeling to your beloved one. But through sms or letters you can easily purpose your girl friend and told her what is in your mind and what you think about her. Valentine day also started with Saint Valentine's love note for his girlfriend. If you know about the reason behind to celebrating Valentine day then check at Valentine Special.

Here i am trying to provide best love sms for the people who are in Love. In life everyone falls in love with someone. For love, human being does such things that are not in mind of a simple person. The great love example is Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonder of world. Shah Jahan ordered to make Taj Mahal in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj after his death. There is a most commonly used saying that there is a women in behind the success or failure of a men. Love inspiration makes you to do impossible things of world.In this site i added my love date related views.You can visit love date page and getting more love dating tips and information. Also Love date ideas and love online dating information available at our main website. For more information about love date click here love online dating
Lovely sms for girlfriend is the free site that is a source of heart touching lovely sms and lovely dating information.In this blog I added love songs and love gifts pages,In love songs i added some video songs and love gifts with the related information about to gifts.

Beautiful love quotes and saying
There is a list of beautiful love quotes and saying with inspirational sms.

*The lucky lover of this world! Person loves a girl without purposing her but finally he get same girl as his wife in arranged marriage.                                     -Love

*Great lines forever – “I will wait for you till the day I can forget you or till the day you realize you cannot forget me”      -Love

*Love lines: When you love someone don’t make them love as much as you do but love them so much that they don’t want to be loved by anyone except “U”               -Love

*A nice saying: If someone point out your mistake, be happy that atleast someone is interested in what you have done. Never mind but appreciate him for your care and watching.                      -Love

*A beautiful thought: It’s just meaningless to except your partner to be of your kind because you can’t hold someone right hand in your right hand to walk together.                         -Love

*True saying: Never lie to your closed one, truth may heart for a while but lie will spoil the essence of closeness for the whole time.                             -Love

*sad love quotes : Ironical thought: loneliness is a special enjoyment when chosen by ourselves but hard when gifted by others.

*The best feeling in the world is when you think that your friend forgets you and suddenly you receive a message from them saying “where are you? I’m missing you”              -Love

*Three nice thoughts:
  >kill the tension before tension kills you.
  >reach your goal before goal kicks you.
  >Live life before the life leaves you.                                        -Inspirational

*Best lesson for life: listen to everyone and learn from everyone, because, nobody knows everything but everyone knows something.                                                         -Inspirational
love sms to girlfriend
*All fingers are not same in length but when they are bent all stands equal. Life becomes easy when we bend and adjust to situations.                                                                  -Inspirational

*The golden word of Mahatma Gandhi –“When you are right, No need to be angry; but when you are wrong, you have no right to be angry”.                                                         -Inspirational

*Love looks not with the eyes but love looks in the eyes..                    - Love

*If your loved one hide something from you then this means that your love is meaningless for her and he/she just making fun or time pass with your emotions.                - Sad love quotes 

*Memorable Lines – It is not important to go to Heaven after we leave the world. But its important to create Heaven before be leave the world.                                                     -Inspirational      

*Best phrase said by Shakespeare: When your friend lies to you, it’s not his fault! Actually it’s your, because you didn’t gave him the proper space to tell the truth.                         -Love and friendship

*Perfect attitude: “I may not love everyone who loves me but I surely do respect their choices”


*Special life quotes : Good and bad time always coming in our life,if we learn how to live in bad time with happiness then we can  enjoy the every moment moment of life .                                    -Life
*A simple Heart quotation: Don’t trust your heart because it’s not on the right side.     -Love

*Two things decide attitude! What you think of yourself when you don’t have anything and what you think of others, when you have everything.                                       -Inspirational

*Golden thought: Dreams are not that comes in sleep but that avoid sleeps to come.       -Inspirational

*Work is worship: I love daily work but unfortunately if I do it, its get finished! How can I finish something I love?                                                                             -Inspirational
*Attitudes are like wrist watches because every watch shows different time than other and everyone think that his watch is showing the right time.                                 -Inspirational

*sad love quotes inspiring fact: “If you can smile when you are completely broken up,then there can be nothing that can break You next time.                                                              -Love Sad

*It's not important that how much times you say your loved one that you love him or her,but the important thing is your heart that knows that how much you love your partner.

*Cute Love story-A man daily sent his wife roses one day he died and his wife received roses. She asked florist, said his husband paid advance for whole life. Moral- Love not dies and remains forever.                                                                        -Love

*Heart touching sad love quotes : A lovely fact: Nobody in the world can have a crystal clear heart because everyone’s heart has some scratches scribbled by their dear one.                                                                             -Sad

sms for girlfriend*Love saying: If someone waits for you, it does not mean that they have nothing else to do but it’s just means that nothing else is more important than you.                                                                                                                                                                 -Love

*After an emotional hug, Girl to his lover boy: “if you hug me once more like that, I will be yours forever”. Boy: “THANKS FOR THE WARNING”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     –Romantic

*William Shakespeare said about human thinking- The fool man does think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.                                -Behavioral

*When snake is alive, it eats ants. When it is dead, ants eat snake. Time matters…Time always gives chance to everyone. Just wait for your turn.                                                                                                 -Life

*Superb love line: “I can always take care of myself but still I want to meet the person who can prove to me that I can’t”.                                                                                                                                          -Love

*In this God's creature everything is beautiful that's only our way to view anything which decide that what is beautiful.                               -Love

*Facts of life:
 >When your hands are coated with grease while working, only then your nose itches.
 >When you dial a wrong number, you will never get an engage tone.
 >The chances of seeing someone you know increase when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.
 >How much you want to study is always inversely proportional to the time left for the exam.
 >You don’t know the real value of a person when he/she is with you.
That’s our great life.                                                                                                                -Life and inspirational

lovely sms to girlfriend*Sad lines by broken heart: “sometimes I feel that waiting for her in my life is like waiting for bus at a railway station.”

*Cute but very painful- After breakup one day girl saw her ex boyfriend with other girl on road wiping his nose with his shirt. She messaged him today again forget your hanky in home.                    -Painful love

*Before I sleep and after wake up, all the hours in between you occupy my mind that practically every moment of the day you are in my thought.                                                                           -Love

*You have to do more than showest  and speak less than you knowest.

*Best lines said by a friend – I cannot promise to solve your entire problem but I can promise that I will never let you face them alone.                                                                                                     -Love

*Rare Lines: true love happens only this with one person. If it happens for the second time it’s just a medicine to forget the first love.                                                                                                        -Love

*Sleep is a language of rest. Sleep is a way to relax. Sleep is to visualize our dreams. Sleep improves your mental ability. Nice sleep                                                                                                   -Good night

*LIFE means
  L: Love
  I: incidents
  F: friends
  E: emotions
If F miss in life then becomes LIE so don’t forget friends.       –Life quotes

*When you face choices in life, just toss a coin. Not because it settles the question but while the coin is in the air you will knew what your heart is hoping for.                    - Life

*Beautiful prayer: GOD when i lose hope help me to remember that your love is greater than my disappointments and your plans for my life are better than my dreams.           -Inspirational

*LOVE ?????????
     We know TAJ MAHAL as a symbol of love.But
    >Mumtaj was Shahjahan's forth wife,out of his seven wives.
    >Shahjahan killed Mumtaj's husband to marry her.
    >Mumtaj died in her fourteenth delivery.
    >Shahjahan then married Mumtaj's sister.
Then a big Question arises what is LOVE?????????                                     -Love

*Boy asked God: Why she loves a rose,which dies in a day but doesn't love me who dies for her everyday.
God replied:what a dialogue!!!!!                                          -Joke

*Never try to test friendship because friend are like diamonds when you hits them they don't break but may slip away from your life.                                         -Friendship

*Painful fact: If you love someone truly first make sure that you are ready to sacrifice anything for her lover  and sometime that sacrifice may be your love itself.                        -Love

*Nice love lines: Sometime we maintain silence to protect one beautiful relation.But too much silence creates tears in all beautiful relations.                                 -Love

*A boy driving a car and a girl overtook.Boy shouted "buffalo" .Girl turned and shouted "you donkey"!
 Suddenly she hit a buffalo.
Moral- girls never understand what boys say.                               -love

*All my life i have accepted everything because, i believe in this: Everything happens for a reason.But the hardest part is "finding out what the reason is".                              -Inspirational

*Days passes away leaving beautiful memories.Words remains in the form of stories. But true relationship always remains in the heart like a heartbeat.                                   -Inspirational

* A great feeling of love-when your loved one fingers holds by you in between your fingers and all gripped forcefully.                                                                                      -love
*Nice line  said by a broken heart:Please don't come one more time in front of me, otherwise once again I'll trust you.                                                                                       -love

*Time is like a river, you can't touch the same water twice,because the flow that has passed will never pass again.                                                                   -Inspirational

*Heart is not a dustbin to dump all the worries of your life.This is a golden pot for collecting the sweet memories and moments of life.                               -Inspirational

*Very hurting and meaningful lines ever -I compromised everything for my love,But at the end my love compromised me for everything.                              -love

*Only the distance decides that how deeper love in between two.                       -Love

*Inspirational quote- Smooth roads never make good drivers and problem free life never makes strong person.So never ask life"Why Me?",instead challenge it and say "Try Me".             -Inspirational

*William Shakespeare prayer quotes :We do pray for mercy, and that same prayer does teach us all to render the deeds of mercy.                                                                 -Inspirational                  

*There is no need to say anything unless you thinks that your suggestion is indeed.         -Inspirational

*Love quotes : we do not give importance the things that we have,when they far away only then we knows the real importance of that things.                            -Love
lovely sms for boyfriend

*Love quotes:Love is a path that provides a way to live the life with beautiful moments.                 -Love

*Love is the best medicine for all types of sickness in this world like loneliness and emptiness.Only a little love feeling with closed eyes is a fast refreshment and feels you too closed with your loved one.                                  -Love

*In love your belief decides  that how much long  your love life will be going.Love is belief.                     -Love

* True loves always thinks and wishes that no tears in his/her love partner's eyes because of him/her.Try to live every moment of life with happiness.                                             -Life

*If you thinks that you are loosing your love,then there is someone other that loves him more then you and his love,pray and wishes are strongest than your.                                                                 -Love

*Cute love saying : A beautiful love quote said by lover to his girlfriend that you can love me less but i want it forever.              -Love 

*Love - Love is a feeling that can be felt but sometime cannot be expressed.                                     -Love

*Love - Love between to persons means to share their joys and sorrow with each other and to give respect to his/her feeling.

*Sometime love is so good when it is in our heart or eyes and sometime it gives a painful experience when it comes on our lips.                                                 -Love 

*Love thought- It's not possible to care for everyone but atleast care for those who loves you.                          -Love 

*don't hurt those who are closer to your heart because  if you will hurt them then your heart also feels pain.                                                                                -Love

*i am not right always so hearing from others their views and thoughts about every moment's of life.                               -Life 

*Some words are always special for you that are says by your special one.Like your best name is that saying by your lover and you feels happy to hear it , Either it is funny and opposite to your complexion and behavior .                                          -Love

*Many time i am wrong  but sometime i am sure that i am perfect and that time is when I am choosing my friends.                                         -Friend

*Sharing each other smile and sorrow in the love is the great love effect and sometime only one smile is the right drug for all type of sorrow.Your lover's one smile is heavier than thousand of sorrow of your life.

*Best life quotes :Heart touching lines -Someone asked to other why dead body floats on water?other replied because there is need of life to dip into the water.                                           -Life

*Love saying: Tears are not the always the symbol of sorrow,sometimes your tears express your love and emotions with a simple smile.                                   -Love

*A true friend is the person who differentiate your tears when you are walking in a heavy rain.                         -Love and friendship

*True love makes deepest brightness but also leaves a deepest scar also.                                                           -Sad love quote

*In true love one can see himself/herself thorough her love partner eyes.                                              -Love quote

*In love eyes are the way to go in heart and your lips provides you a notification to go in right direction.                                            -Love

*Meeting with anyone is not in your hands but it's your fate that decides which is the right time and moment of your life.                          -Love              

love sms for girlfriend*Love is never behind to make any pain in love life; our way of thinking is the reason of making pain.                                           -Sad love quote

*Love never ask how are you?
It only says you are mine.
 Love never ask where are you?
It only says you are in my heart.
 Love never ask do you love me?
It only says i love YOU.                                                        -Love

*Every mistake is painful and discourages us but after sometime every mistake happened learning a new experience of life.Your experience of life is the collection of mis-happening or mistakes.                     -Life
*Every moment of life teaches us a lesson for upcoming life and every bad moment counts in our life as our great life experience.                                                  -Life

*Many times i thinks to jump high but with every attempt height  increases.Life is not so much easy sometime our destiny decide the heights or goal for our life.We have to always do our best with full effort.                                                              -Life

*Love makes not any demand but time makes demand in love time to time.                                    -Love

*Never thinks about distances in love,in true love your heart sound reaches to your loved one from any distances or at any time.                                                           -Love

*Love your love partner as much as that he/she can't forget you whole the life,if you are loosing your loved one then their is something missing in your love.To love someone from heart makes you strong and prepare you to fight against life difficulties.                       -Love

*Sometime i missing you as much as that i can't explain in words,In this situation there is only one that is I,m who knows it,you missing this time because you are not with me.                                       -Sad

*Love is free from all boundaries of life,it can be start somewhere,sometime and with someone at anytime.Love has no limits of age,color,cast and region.                   -Love

*Sometime people say's that human being becomes blind in love,but according to me in love,you can see more than a single person.My love see my all sorrow and painful situation and helps me to take into brightness from darkness.                             -Love

*I'm not in love with you but in love with your character. Although there are many common pretty faces in world.                                                  -Love

*One of the William Shakespeare’s quote: “if friendship is your weakest point then you are the strongest person in the world”

*A bird cannot afraid to drop while sitting on moving Twig because he believe on his own wings not on twig.


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